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The Kanban Playbook

ISBN 10 : 9781498782616
ISBN 13 : 1498782612

A scheduling system for Lean and just-in-time production, Kanban is a proven tool for reducing waste, inventory, and lead times. The implementation of Kanban, however, is a manuall..

Kaizen For The Shop Floor

ISBN 10 : 1563272725
ISBN 13 : 9781563272721

Kaizen, which simply means continuous improvement, is the foundation of all lean production improvements. Kaizen events are opportunities to make focused changes in the workplace. ..

Kamishibai Boards

ISBN 10 : 9781482205305
ISBN 13 : 1482205300

Part of the Toyota Production System, Kamishibai boards are simple and flexible visual controls for performing audits within a manufacturing process. When used properly, they are p..

Kanban For The Shopfloor

ISBN 10 : 1563272695
ISBN 13 : 9781563272691

Information to implement the lean production or Just In Time (JIT) system developed at Toyota Motor Company...

Oee For Operators

ISBN 10 : 1563272210
ISBN 13 : 9781563272219

Addressing those who track and improve the effectiveness of equipment, this text defines basic concepts and then provides a systematic explanation of how OEE should be applied to m..

Kaizen Assembly

ISBN 10 : 9781420006605
ISBN 13 : 1420006606

It is easy to learn the philosophy and the concepts of kaizen. It is quite another challenge to translate the philosophy into action. While most books expound on the underlying pri..

The Kaizen Event Planner

ISBN 10 : 1439827826
ISBN 13 : 9781439827826

Kaizen Events are an effective way to train organizations to break unproductive habits and adopt a continuous improvement philosophy while, at the same time, achieve breakthrough p..

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