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Kansas City B 25 Factory

ISBN 10 : 9781439645017
ISBN 13 : 1439645019

An industrial miracle took place at the Fairfax Airport, on the shores of the Missouri River, between 1941 and 1945. A massive factory was quickly built and a large modification ce..

Southern California S World War Ii Aircraft

ISBN 10 : 9781467124461
ISBN 13 : 146712446X

The cities of Los Angeles and San Diego were boomtowns during World War II. California aviation companies designed many of the greatest combat aircraft of the era, and bustling arm..

The Bell Bomber Plant

ISBN 10 : 0738567450
ISBN 13 : 9780738567457

Few would have believed in the late 1930s that Depression-wracked Marietta and Cobb County, where cotton was still king, would later be the site of the largest industrial complex s..

Warbird Factory

ISBN 10 : 9781627888080
ISBN 13 : 162788808X

Explore the WWII history of the company that later became a part of Boeing and made more aircraft from 1938 to 1944 than any other company in the United States. During World War II..

Think Like An Engineer

ISBN 10 : 9781780746388
ISBN 13 : 1780746385

At last engineering is getting its due; engineers are finally cool. But few of us understand the engineering mindset. It’s the mindset that came up with flatpack furniture, dispo..

Bethlehem Steel

ISBN 10 : 9780822973768
ISBN 13 : 0822973766

Bethlehem Steel presents an original and compelling history of a leading American company, examining the numerous factors contributing to the growth of this titan and those that ev..

Filming For The Future

ISBN 10 : 9462982384
ISBN 13 : 9789462982383

Louis Van Gasteren was one of the most prolific filmmakers in the history of the Netherlands, with a resume that includes nearly eighty documentaries and two feature films - to say..

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