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Virtual Biology Laboratory

ISBN 10 : 0030323045
ISBN 13 : 9780030323041

Virtual Biology Laboratory (VBL) is a series of 30 exercises, organized into 10 modules. These online laboratory simulations enable students to make comparative observations, set u..

Mitosis And Meiosis

ISBN 10 : 0080859593
ISBN 13 : 9780080859590

Mitosis and Meiosis details the wide variety of methods currently used to study how cells divide as yeast and insect spermatocytes, higher plants, and sea urchin zygotes. With chap..

America S Lab Report

ISBN 10 : 9780309139342
ISBN 13 : 0309139341

Laboratory experiences as a part of most U.S. high school science curricula have been taken for granted for decades, but they have rarely been carefully examined. What do they cont..

Biology Laboratory Manual

ISBN 10 : 1260085635
ISBN 13 : 9781260085631


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