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Lady Head Vases

ISBN 10 : 0764318225
ISBN 13 : 9780764318221

Lady head vases, manufactured from the 1950s to the mid-1960s were sold by florists and are popular collectibles today. The vases were made of semi-porcelain and the vast majority ..

Head Vases

ISBN 10 : 1574325175
ISBN 13 : 9781574325171

A guide to various types of head vases...

The Encyclopedia Of Head Vases

ISBN 10 : 0764318179
ISBN 13 : 9780764318177

Feminine, beautiful, and cool, ceramic lady head vases were originally sold by florists during the 1950s and early 1960s. Today, the vases are surprisingly valuable in the antique ..

American Bisque

ISBN 10 : 0887406238
ISBN 13 : 9780887406232

The American Bisque Pottery, operating in Williamstown, West Virginia, from 1919 to 1982, and the American Pottery Company produced popular cookie jars, ashtrays, doorstops, sprink..

Head Vases Etc

ISBN 10 : 0764314904
ISBN 13 : 9780764314902

Highly regarded for her finely decorated head vases, California artist Betty Lou Nichols also created a wide variety of figurines, Christmas accessories, portraits, still-lifes and..

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