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ISBN 10 : 9780743213219
ISBN 13 : 0743213211

In 1957 Gordon Gould, then an obscure physicist and perennial graduate student, conceived one of the revolutionary inventions of the twentieth century -- the laser. But before he c..

Inventors And Inventions

ISBN 10 : 0761477616
ISBN 13 : 9780761477617

From air conditioners to MRI scanners and from bicycles to frozen foods, modern life would be unimaginable without the work of inventors. Unlike other resources on inventions, Inve..

The Encyclopedia Of The Industrial Revolution In World History

ISBN 10 : 9780810888883
ISBN 13 : 0810888882

As editor Kenneth E. Hendrickson, III, notes in his introduction: “Since the end of the nineteenth-century, industrialization has become a global phenomenon. After the relative c..

Science In The Contemporary World

ISBN 10 : 9781851095247
ISBN 13 : 1851095241

This work is a unique introductory A–Z resource detailing the scientific achievements of the contemporary world and analyzing the key scientific trends, discoveries, and personal..

Great Lives From History John Ericsson Irving Langmuir

ISBN 10 : 1587655241
ISBN 13 : 9781587655241

Provides in-depth critical essays on important men and women in all areas of achievement, from around the world and throughout history, and includes 409 essays covering 413 individ..

Magill S Science Annual

ISBN 10 : 0893569755
ISBN 13 : 9780893569754


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