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Lawless Capitalism

ISBN 10 : 9781479845323
ISBN 13 : 1479845329

In this innovative and exhaustive study, Steven A. Ramirez posits that the subprime mortgage crisis, as well as the global macroeconomic catastrophe it spawned, is traceable to a g..

The Case For The Corporate Death Penalty

ISBN 10 : 9781479881574
ISBN 13 : 1479881570

An unprecedented breakdown in the rule of law occurred in the United States after the 2008 financial collapse. Bank of America, JPMorgan, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, and other large ..

Corporate Sovereignty

ISBN 10 : 0816674264
ISBN 13 : 9780816674268

In Corporate Sovereignty, Joshua Barkan argues that corporate power should be rethought as a mode of political sovereignty. Situating analysis of U.S., British, and international c..

Making Money

ISBN 10 : 9781781682678
ISBN 13 : 1781682674

What is money? Where does it come from? Who makes our money today? And how can we understand the current state of our economy as a crisis of money itself? In Making Money, Ole Bjer..

Red Capitalism

ISBN 10 : 9781118255131
ISBN 13 : 1118255135

The truth behind the rise of China and whether or not it will be able to maintain it How did China transform itself so quickly? In Red Capitalism: The Fragile Financial Foundation ..

Capital As Power

ISBN 10 : 9781134022298
ISBN 13 : 1134022298

Conventional theories of capitalism are mired in a deep crisis: after centuries of debate, they are still unable to tell us what capital is. Liberals and Marxists both think of cap..

The Dirty Dozen

ISBN 10 : 9781935308324
ISBN 13 : 1935308327

Alexander Hamilton wrote that “the judiciary, from the nature of its functions, will always be the least dangerous to the political rights of the Constitution.” If only that we..

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