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Forty Ways To Think About Architecture

ISBN 10 : 9781118822579
ISBN 13 : 1118822579

How do we think about architecture historically and theoretically? Forty Ways to Think about Architecture provides an introduction to some of the wide-ranging ways in which archite..

Le Corbusier And The Occult

ISBN 10 : 9780262026482
ISBN 13 : 0262026481

Revealing the secret sources of Le Corbusier's architecture--concealed by the architect and undiscovered by scholars until now...

Le Corbusier S Hands

ISBN 10 : 9780262232449
ISBN 13 : 0262232448

Le Corbusier's assistant and fellow architect remembers his mentor in a series of concise and poetic reflections...

Le Corbusier The Noble Savage

ISBN 10 : 0262720337
ISBN 13 : 9780262720335

Uncovering crucial dimensions of Le Corbusier's early life and resurrecting primary documents and source materials overlooked by other scholars...

Modern Man

ISBN 10 : 9780544262225
ISBN 13 : 0544262220

Draws on archival research and new interviews to present a biography of the renowned architect, shedding light on the details of his most important projects, his artistic process, ..

Witchcraft Lycanthropy Drugs And Disease

ISBN 10 : 9781608996162
ISBN 13 : 1608996166

Long before the political mass-murders witnessed in the present century, western Europe experienced another kind of holocaust--the witch-hunts of the early modern period. Condemned..

Theory And Design In The First Machine Age

ISBN 10 : 0262520583
ISBN 13 : 9780262520584

First published in 1960, Theory and Design in the First Machine Age has become required reading in numerous courses on the history of modern architecture and is widely regarded as ..

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