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Leadership Embodied

ISBN 10 : 9781612513331
ISBN 13 : 1612513336

Now in its second edition, Leadership Embodied is an instructive collection of short biographical essays focusing on Navy and Marine Corps personnel, who have demonstrated notable ..

The Ghosts Of Iwo Jima

ISBN 10 : 1585444839
ISBN 13 : 9781585444830

Captain Robert S. Burrell masterfully reconsiders the costs of taking Iwo Jima and its role in the war effort. His thought-provoking analysis also highlights the greater contributi..

The Trident

ISBN 10 : 9780062208330
ISBN 13 : 0062208330

Decorated US Navy SEAL lieutenant Jason Redman served his country courageously and with distinction in Colombia, Peru, Afghanistan, and Iraq, where he commanded mobility and assaul..

Execute Against Japan

ISBN 10 : 1603442553
ISBN 13 : 9781603442558

“ . . . until now how the Navy managed to instantaneously move from the overt legal restrictions of the naval arms treaties that bound submarines to the cruiser rules of the eigh..

On Guerrilla Warfare

ISBN 10 : 9780486119571
ISBN 13 : 0486119572

The first documented, systematic study of a truly revolutionary subject, this 1937 text remains the definitive guide to guerrilla warfare. It concisely explains unorthodox strategi..

Warriors And Citizens

ISBN 10 : 9780817919368
ISBN 13 : 0817919368

A diverse group of contributors offer different perspectives on whether or not the different experiences of our military and the broader society amounts to a "gap"—and if the Ame..

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