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Leaving Orbit

ISBN 10 : 9781555973414
ISBN 13 : 1555973418

Winner of the Graywolf Press Nonfiction Prize, a breathtaking elegy to the waning days of human spaceflight as we have known it In the 1960s, humans took their first steps away fro..

The Time It Takes To Fall

ISBN 10 : 1416538526
ISBN 13 : 9781416538523

It is the early 1980s, and America is in love with space. Growing up in the shadow of Cape Canaveral, young Dolores Gray has it particularly bad: she dreams of becoming an astronau..

Space And The American Imagination

ISBN 10 : 9780801898686
ISBN 13 : 0801898684

People dreamed of cosmic exploration—winged spaceships and lunar voyages; space stations and robot astronauts—long before it actually happened. Space and the American Imaginati..


ISBN 10 : 9781524731601
ISBN 13 : 1524731609

A stunning memoir from the astronaut who spent a record-breaking year aboard the International Space Station--a candid account of his remarkable voyage, of the journeys off the pla..

We Could Not Fail

ISBN 10 : 9780292772496
ISBN 13 : 0292772491

The Space Age began just as the struggle for civil rights forced Americans to confront the long and bitter legacy of slavery, discrimination, and violence against African Americans..

The Americas

ISBN 10 : 9780812975543
ISBN 13 : 0812975545

The acclaimed historian traces the historical evolution of the entire Western Hemisphere from prehistoric times to the present day, examining the interconnections among North, Cent..

A Passion For Wings

ISBN 10 : 0300068875
ISBN 13 : 9780300068870

A prize-winning historian offers an exhilarating book--the first cultural history of the pioneering phase of aviation--which tells the stories of the artists, writers, and intellec..

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