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Leaving Science

ISBN 10 : 9781610444606
ISBN 13 : 1610444604

The past thirty years have witnessed a dramatic decline in the number of U.S. students pursuing advanced degrees in science and an equally dramatic increase in the number of profes..

Alternative Careers In Science

ISBN 10 : 0080454984
ISBN 13 : 9780080454986

Many science students find themselves in the midst of graduate school or sitting at a lab bench, and realize that they hate lab work! Even worse is realizing that they may love sci..

Leaving Us To Wonder

ISBN 10 : 9780791484036
ISBN 13 : 0791484033

Explores the larger social, political, and philosophical contexts in which the current vitriolic science vs. anti-science debates occur...

Leaving The Cave

ISBN 10 : 9780889202580
ISBN 13 : 0889202583

How can one explain the general failure of the social sciences to accumulate reliable knowledge? According to Pat Duffy Hutcheon the social sciences have failed us in the twentieth..

Sociobiology Sex And Science

ISBN 10 : 0791412601
ISBN 13 : 9780791412602

This book examines sociobiology’s validity and significance, using the sociobiological theory of the evolution of mating and parenting as an example. It identifies and discusses ..

Socio Cultural Perspectives On Science Education

ISBN 10 : 9789401152242
ISBN 13 : 9401152241

Global science education is a reality at the end of the 20th century - albeit an uneven reality - because of tremendous technological and economic pressures. Unfortunately, this re..

The New Alchemists

ISBN 10 : 9781845646622
ISBN 13 : 1845646622

Fifteen years after the first genetically modified (GM) seeds and food, only four GM plants have achieved significant market positions: corn, cotton, rapeseed and soybeans. Most of..

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