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Legacy Of A Monarch

ISBN 10 : 0970319754
ISBN 13 : 9780970319753

Byron Johnson was an exceptional man who lived during a fascinating time. He was the grandson of a slave who overcame financial and social obstacles on his way to a college degree ..

The Aurelian Legacy

ISBN 10 : 0520229630
ISBN 13 : 9780520229631

This entertaining and informative book traces the history of butterfly collection in Britain from the 17th century, when the study of natural history had its beginnings. Laced with..

Montesquieu And His Legacy

ISBN 10 : 9780791477434
ISBN 13 : 0791477436

Essays on Montesquieu and the influence of his thought from the eighteenth century to today...

The Queen S Other Realms

ISBN 10 : 1862877009
ISBN 13 : 9781862877009

Canada, Australia and New Zealand inherited and adapted a monarchical framework of government, even in the absence of a resident monarch. Although steady transfer of the royal prer..

Political Legacy Of King Hussein

ISBN 10 : 1845192370
ISBN 13 : 9781845192372

This book - now in paperback - uncovers the true force behind most of the political processes in the Middle East for half a century. Through constant confrontations and negotiation..


ISBN 10 : 9781402256431
ISBN 13 : 1402256434

A Spellbinding Tale of England's Most Passionate Queen-and the Three Men Whose Destinies Belonged to Her Alone. " of the most fascinating monarchs in history." -New..


ISBN 10 : 9781783334810
ISBN 13 : 1783334819

Daniel Stuart’s grandfather leaves documents in his Will which state that he is direct descendant of King James the Second of England and Scotland and is the rightful King of Gre..

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