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ISBN 10 : 9780330470063
ISBN 13 : 033047006X

Simon Murray was nineteen when he joined the French Foreign Legion. Inspired by the romantic myths of Beau Geste, he found himself in the ranks of one of the world's greatest - and..


ISBN 10 : 0891418873
ISBN 13 : 9780891418870

Provides a firsthand account of a young Englishman's five-year stint with the French Foreign Legion, detailing his enlistment in the 1960s, the merciless training and brutal condit..


ISBN 10 : 9781743280867
ISBN 13 : 1743280866

The classic adventure and military coming-of-age back in print. Simon Murray joined the Legion as a young man inspired by the romantic myth of Beau Geste, but found himself in the ..

Diary Of A Legionnaire

ISBN 10 : 190621039X
ISBN 13 : 9781906210397

After finishing university but not ready to settle down, Gareth Carins joined the French Foreign Legion in 1996 and served for five years in their elite Parachute Regiment. He expe..

The Making Of A Legionnaire

ISBN 10 : 0304366978
ISBN 13 : 9780304366972

A British soldier reveals what it takes to serve in the elite French Foreign Legion Penniless, divorced and AWOL from the British forces, Bill Parris volunteered for the French For..

Marching With The Devil

ISBN 10 : 9780733627088
ISBN 13 : 0733627080

‘Since its creation in 1831, the French Foreign Legion has become the stuff of myth, fiction and dreams... Anyone thinking of joining up would be well advised to read this book f..

The Naked Soldier

ISBN 10 : 9781445780474
ISBN 13 : 144578047X

This powerful look at the French Foreign Legion explores Sloane's experiences with the brutalities, adventure, destruction, danger, and criminal encounters over his five years of s..

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