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Let Them Be Free The Tyler Geiger Story

ISBN 10 : 9781467857321
ISBN 13 : 1467857327

This book is about My son Tyler Geiger. Tyler lived with CP for 10 years until the tragic accident that took his life.This book is about how I never held Tyler back from doing anyt..

Frozen In Time

ISBN 10 : 9781771640800
ISBN 13 : 1771640804

The truth about what happened on Sir John Franklin’s ill-fated Arctic expedition of 1845–48 has been shrouded in mystery for 165 years. Carrying the best equipment that the sci..

The Boys Of 67

ISBN 10 : 9781780968902
ISBN 13 : 1780968906

In the spring of 1966, while the war in Vietnam was still popular, the US military decided to reactivate the 9th Infantry Division as part of the military build-up. Across the nati..

Empire Of The Sun

ISBN 10 : 9781476737539
ISBN 13 : 1476737533

The classic, award-winning novel, made famous by Steven Spielberg's film, tells of a young boy's struggle to survive World War II in China. Jim is separated from his parents in a w..

The Walls Are Talking

ISBN 10 : 9781586177973
ISBN 13 : 1586177974

This book narrates the harrowing and life-changing experiences of former abortion clinic workers, including those of the author, who once directed abortion services at a large Plan..

The Boy Who Played With Fusion

ISBN 10 : 9780544085114
ISBN 13 : 0544085116

Offers an account of child genius Taylor Wilson's successful quest to build his own nuclear reactor at the age of 14, and an exploration of how gifted children can be nurtured to d..

Fatal Passage

ISBN 10 : 9781554689194
ISBN 13 : 1554689198

Not long after he began reading the handwritten, 820-page diary of Scottish explorer John Rae, Ken McGoogan realized that here was an astonishing story, hidden from the world for a..

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