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Field Guide To California Agriculture

ISBN 10 : 9780520265431
ISBN 13 : 0520265432

"This book brings to life one of the most creative (and necessary) human endeavors and makes understandable the incredible complexity of California agriculture, one of the world's ..

Introduction To Water In California

ISBN 10 : 9780520287891
ISBN 13 : 0520287894

This thoroughly engaging, concise book tells the story of California's most precious resource, tracing the journey of water in the state from the atmosphere to the snowpack to our ..

Illustrated Field Guide To Selected Rare Plants Of Northern California

ISBN 10 : 1879906457
ISBN 13 : 9781879906457

"This guide provides description and photographs of 149 rare or endangered plants found in 10 counties in Northern California. Each description is accompanied by a photo of the mat..

Agrarian Dreams

ISBN 10 : 9780520959132
ISBN 13 : 0520959132

In this groundbreaking study of organic farming, Julie Guthman challenges accepted wisdom about organic food and agriculture in the Golden State. Many continue to believe that smal..

A Field Guide To Insects And Diseases Of California Oaks

ISBN 10 : 1475277563
ISBN 13 : 9781475277562

This FULL COLOR publication focuses on the relatively small number of microorganisms (primarily fungi) and arthropods (primarily insects) that are capable of causing noticeable dam..

Field Guide To Plant Galls Of California And Other Western States

ISBN 10 : 0520248856
ISBN 13 : 9780520248854

Oak apples, honeydew and ambrosia galls, witches' brooms, and fasciations--all are types of plant galls, a commonly observed, yet little-understood botanical phenomenon. Often beau..

California Forests And Woodlands

ISBN 10 : 0520202481
ISBN 13 : 9780520202481

From majestic Redwoods to ancient Western Bristlecone Pines, California's trees have long inspired artists, poets, naturalists--and real estate developers. Verna Johnston's splendi..