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My Best Games

ISBN 10 : 3283010021
ISBN 13 : 9783283010027

"I always want to be first", stated Anatoly Karpov, who in 1975 was declared chess champion of the world when the eccentric American Robert James Fischer declined to defend his tit..

My Best Games Of Chess 1908 1937

ISBN 10 : 9780486249414
ISBN 13 : 0486249417

The best games of one of the best players in chess history. 220 games with Alekhine's own accounts. Spans 30 years of tournament play...

My Best Games Of Chess

ISBN 10 : 193649065X
ISBN 13 : 9781936490653

In chess literature, there have only been a few chess books that have immediately - and permanently - established themselves as classics, and this is one of them. The original Engl..

My Best Games

ISBN 10 : 3283004048
ISBN 13 : 9783283004040

For almost half a century, grandmaster Victor Korchnoi has been one of the world's leading chess players, and even today he remains a formidable competitor. This first volume of My..

My Best Games

ISBN 10 : 3283010196
ISBN 13 : 9783283010195

This revised and enlarged special anniversary edition for his 80th birthday includes both volumes with his games with white and black. Korchnois annotations are honest, detailed an..

My Best Games Of Chess

ISBN 10 : 0486248070
ISBN 13 : 9780486248073