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The Cathedral The Bazaar

ISBN 10 : 059655396X
ISBN 13 : 9780596553968

Open source provides the competitive advantage in the Internet Age. According to the August Forrester Report, 56 percent of IT managers interviewed at Global 2,500 companies are al..

The Cathedral The Bazaar

ISBN 10 : 9780596001087
ISBN 13 : 0596001088

Argues that the development of Linux by thousands of programmers, in a coordinated effort without centralized management signals unprecedented power shifts in the computer industry..

Inside Linux

ISBN 10 : 0735709408
ISBN 13 : 9780735709409

With in-depth complete coverage on the installation process, editing and typesetting, graphical user interfaces, programming system administration, and managing Internet sites, Ins..

Cathedral And The Bazaar

ISBN 10 : 1607962284
ISBN 13 : 9781607962281


The New Hacker S Dictionary

ISBN 10 : 0262680920
ISBN 13 : 9780262680929

A listing of computer-buff slang is embellished by the myths, legends, and heroes of a hacker culture..

Hackers Painters

ISBN 10 : 9780596803100
ISBN 13 : 0596803109

"The computer world is like an intellectual Wild West, in which you can shoot anyone you wish with your ideas, if you're willing to risk the consequences. " --from Hackers & Painte..